If the title intrigues you, then it is likely that you are either:

  1. Someone who has never owned a property before, and currently looking for one; or
  2. Someone who has never owned a property before, but is planning to buy one someday in the future.

Well, either way, sooner or later, you're going to have to buy your own property. However, we all know that owning a property in Jakarta is not as easy as it seems. First of all, the city is crowded. You have to compete with 30 million other people to buy the kind of property that you desire. Secondly, most of the prices are out of your affordability range.These two reasons are more than enough to cause you a headache. Not to mention other factors such as choosing the interior design, paying the mortgage loan, and the many other unpredictable things that might happen in the future which may affect your property value.

Buying a property is a lifetime commitment that involves a large amount of money. For most people, a property is likely to be the biggest purchase they will make in their lives. But if you pick a good property, you could easily turn your first home into an investment property and reap great profits from it. Thus, it is without doubt that you would want your first home to be a perfect investment.

"Perfect" is a subjective word. When it comes to property investments, we feel that what constitutes a "perfect property investment" include: 1) strategic location, 2) desirable living environment and 3) enduring investment.

1. Strategic Location

Location, location, location. This is the number one rule in real estate, especially in Jakarta. Let's admit it – traffic in Jakarta is not going to get better any time soon. Our public transportation system still has a long way to go despite its rapid growth in the past few years. To avoid being stuck in long traffic jams, it is imperative to choose a property which is strategically located in the city centre with close proximity to a wide range of amenities, attractions and lifestyle centres.

Moreover, it is everyone's dream to live near to the office. Many of you reading this are probably working in the Central Jakarta. Could you imagine how much easier life would be if your home is only a 15 minutes drive away from your office?


2. Desirable Living Environment & Home Wellness

Having a desirable living environment with lush greenery and tranquility is especially important because home is a place for us to get proper rest after a busy work day. However, it is not easy to find a place like this in a busy city like Jakarta where air seems to be heavily polluted everywhere we go. Somehow, a fresh environment seems to be out of reach, unless you live in the satellites area like the far-end areas of Karawaci, Cibubur, etc.

But that's not completely true. The Stature is the perfect combination of a strategic location and a desirable living environment. Located at the prestigious Menteng neighbourhood of rich cultural heritage (Jl. Kebon Sirih), The Stature offers unrivalled connectivity to the heart of the city. It is a place where business meets pleasure, complete with lush tropical landscaping and sprawling green spaces. The Stature encompasses the idea of a wellness home with its water filtration system, smart home features such as smart lighting, and many more.

The guaranteed desirable living offered by The Stature will make your first property-owning experience inarguably worth it – less time spent in traffic meets more peaceful mind equals a lifetime of comfortable living experience.


3. Enduring Investment

Last but not least, investing is for meeting long-term goals. Now you have the chance to own a property in the Menteng area. Would you want to miss out on the opportunity to own property in this prestigious neighbourhood that is set to see values skyrocket? Your future self probably wouldn't.

The Stature Jakarta