Owning a property is one thing, keeping it fresh and updated every once in a while is another thing. Whether you have your own house or you haven’t right now, you would want to occasionally (ideally, once a year) to redecorate your living space with a new look. Particularly, a look that suits the year’s trend, an interior design that will make your guest feel comfy and visit in full awe as if they have just visited a chic boutique hotel mixed with urban space.

Speaking of having an interior that follows the trend, what would the 2018 trend of interior design look like? Actually it’s quite easy to spot the trend if you love to explore and try new places in Jakarta, or Bali. Because, most of the new places – restaurant or coffee shop – already applied it to their interior. Here’s the list of latest interior trend that’s nice to apply for your home.




According to Milan Design Week, the big trend in 2018 will highlight bright and strong shades, like:

PINK. The color that has been standing out for the past few years since Kanye West put it on his fashion collection few years ago, and the Millennials claimed it as their aesthetic color.


ORANGE. A color that has been hiding in the dark for the past decade, yet raised to the top and has been seen in the streets of New York, Milan, Tokyo, Paris and London.

LOTS OF GREEN. Last year dark green made quite a strong appearance, but this year it’s all about Avocado green!

GREY. This is the safest neutral choice if you think bright colors are too risky. This color even beats the strong monochromatic black and white look that most people adored in 2015.


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In the food area, the demand of all the organic, raw, and fresh stuff have been increasing for the past few years since people love the idea of going back to nature and being healthier. Apparently the trend also happens in the interior design industry. People nowadays more appreciate and put higher value on natural handmade materials like rattan and woven wicker furniture. Textiles also take playful role in adding so much chic details to your living space.

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This is a continued trend that survived 2017 and made its way to stay in 2018. Plants with big green leaves, cactus, and succulents are on the rise thanks to Kinfolk Magazine. What once started as a photo props has now become something essential that every modern people would want to allocate a few space in their home to have pots of green plants decorating their every corner. Added to the bunch is also tropical fruits like pineapples and exotic animals like flamingos.

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Last but not least on the 2018 trend list is the touch of metallic. Think less copper and rose gold, and replace it with more brass! It adds a stunning look if you put it on the details of your furniture pieces.

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