INSPIRATIONS FOR YOUR LUXURY BATHROOM : Dreaming while bathing, why not?

Over the time, bathroom has transformed from a utilitarian space to a heaven at home, a place to be relax, relieve the stress, and recharge the body with water experiences that soothe and excite the senses. For most if not all, a typical day starts from the bathroom after you wake up, and ends up in the bathroom before going back to sleep. So, it is important to make your bathroom a relaxing place at home. No wonder, many people transform this space to ultimately become a signature part of their home.

Here are some tips to attain the luxurious feel in your bathroom:


1. A bathroom with a view

Imagine the pleasure of  enjoying beautiful scenery while bathing. Not all apartments provide this setting, but at the Stature Jakarta, you will have the most luxurious yet spacious bathroom. Brilliantly equipped with superior fixtures and accessories, this bathroom is ready to relax you.

(The Stature - Sky Villa Master Bathroom)

2. Aromatherapy candle to calm you down  

Find your perfect aromatherapy candle to put in your fancy bathroom. Let the fragrance revive your mind and let the candlelight create the calming ambiance to relax you. Enjoy the sensation!

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3. The right lighting to evoke peace

Lighting can affect your mood. That’s choosing the right lights to set the mood to your bathroom. 

Choose the lamp with a dimming function to put above the bathtub, and put the brighter light near the washing basin or around the mirror for functionality.

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4. Music will escort you to your dream

It is undeniable that bathroom activities pair well with music. It not only improves the mood, but can wash away negative feeling too. Don’t forget to set your best playlist before taking a bath!

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