When deciding to make an apartment as your residence, the location is one of the most important factors to consider. Do not be blindsided by the inexpensive price tag; first thing first is to look fora strategic location. The location of your apartment is crucial in determining your comfort, time, and investment because the location itself may affect the potential value of the apartment; if you choose an apartment at a low price but does not have a strategic location, chances are you will waste more time and money on commuting and traffic, which in the long run may pay off getting a higher priced apartment but with a strategic location.

Here are some things to keep in mind when assessing the location of an apartment:

1. The place is indeed for residential or semi-commercial areas.

2. Its location has been developed with of good road condition, easy access to transportation, and has adequate parking spaces.

3. Close to your office, business center, campus or university.

4. Close to a market or shopping center.

5. The apartment is located in the center city or close to the city.

6. The neighborhood is safe and has tight security system and concern on residents’ privacy.

7. Surrounded with a lush greenery and open area for children activities.

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