When it comes to buying homes, experts believe that there are only three most important factors that you need to consider. It is location, location, and location. Apparently, it is THAT important. Even compared to size or the style of your desired apartment. However, most people are so used to make their buying decisions based on the unit specifications or facilities, rather than the area as a whole.

Now, in which location it should be the MOST important consideration? Well, the apartment condition may changed, but the location never will. The location of your property will impact to its value. This also includes the quality of life, school choices, commute times, and social life. Some of the property experts even insist that although you have found your dream property, if it's not in the right location then you should never compromise. It's always better to adjust your price range (read: save more money) to find a property in a better neighborhood!

Now that you have prioritized location, here's the list you need to tick regarding the location of your dream property. This list might be suitable for you, or it may not. Nonetheless, you need to know your location checklist.


EASE TO FIND COFFEE SHOP (Especially the branded one).

We are not making this up. Upscale chains and independent retailers are a good hint that a neighborhood is well established or is on the rise. It shows that the neighborhood is stable and worth the investment. 



Not that they literally live on the street. But if you see people walking on the sidewalks or children walking to school and playing in parks could be a great hint that the neighborhood are safe and child-friendly. 



Don’t think you know a place if you have only come and visit in broad daylight. Check them out at night and during weekend to get a better sense of judgment. Plus, if you are in Jakarta, check them during peak-hours and rainy season. You might not wanted to invest on flood prone areas, do you?



There are times when your car might not be available, when online taxis are hard to find, or when your driver might not be reliable, and your only option is to use public transport. Make sure bus shelter or train station is within your reach and accessible from your home. 



By service, you need to survey whether your trash is being picked up on time? Are the streets well maintained? Does the building is painted regularly? How about the air ventilation and circulation? Does the clean water and waste water are properly maintained?  


The list could go on according to our aspiration. Some people prefer an apartment surrounded with trees and parks. Others may prefer close proximity to well-known schools.


If you're buying a unit as your permanent residence, you still need to take all these factors into consideration because one day, you might want to sell or put your property into rental. You need to make sure that your property ticks all the boxes for this eventuality.

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