The concept of  being “rich in life” is very personal. Some people may think it would involve a lot of activities with family and friends. It could also involve traveling around the world. Another, would involve having lots of assets.

Can money buy happiness? Regardless of your current financial state at the moment, being rich in life can have lots of meaning othen than just getting things you want. There is an old saying, “Just because you can afford luxury doesn’t mean you’re rich.” This statement is somewhat true for the current condition whose majority of middle-class society are big spenders. What about the true wealthy people? The real story is that all signs point to the reverse: Happiness may help you get rich. Based on some studies, doing what you love, having a great marriage, and a fulfilling family life are all relate to financial wealth. The most intricate part is that you can’t “obtain” happiness by pursuing it. You need to aim higher target, and set yourself beyond the limit of your aspirations.

Focus on the real prize, and leading a rich in life is surprisingly achievable and highly accessible. The greatest obstacle in between our expectations and reality, is ourselves. So what is the main difference between true wealthy people and wealthy-wannabe people?

Wealthy people may spent their money on branded and luxury items without worry going bankrupt, while wealthy-wannabe spend it for the sake of their pride. The highly effective habits of the truly wealthy lies in the spending and saving habits. Before the wealthy people spend on luxuries, they have invested their wealth wisely at the right places.

While most people often does not see the process, the wealthy-wannabe only copied the lifestyle and their spending habits without comparing the saving and investing habits from wealthy people. Hence, the truly wealthy people already forged and built a solid foundation to support their financial. To be sure, this guide will help you to become one of them (the true wealthy, of course), and also has fomulas to measure success.



Here's the first secret, you can't be contented with single source of revenue. You need to explore your passion and do more, enrich yourself by attending informal courses (i.e. art, design, music, financial, planting, etc.) to find out what other potential strengths or opportunities you have to generate secondary income. 



Successful investing involving making choices that meet your unique needs today and your financial goals for the future. Whether you are saving to buy a home, car, or your child’s education, you need a plan that will help your money grow. Either to save for the short, or long term, you should consider the risk and the potential growth over the years. Investing through property, for instance, has been purchased with the intention of earning a return on the investment, either through rental inconme, the future resale of the property, or both!  



We're not trying to be preachy or cliche, but apparently many millionaires out there believe, "If you want to wealthy, you have to be willing to live out of your comfort zone." Working extra miles and work smart in order to satisfy your clients or bosses, and practice conscious spending for the sake of saving money. 

So what does it exactly feels like to be wealthy while being happy at the same time? 



After keeping enough to generate ‘passive income’ to cover our monthly bills, enough amount to invest, and to support your lifestyle, and don’t forget to save for the kids’ college funds, you will have this desire to share your wealth to those who needs it. Sharing is always caring.



While postponing so many experiences during your youth times and working extra hard to be where you are now, at some point in the future when you already made it, make sure you start tackling your bucket list one by one. Experience your life to the fullest, go bungee jumping, hike Himalayas, cruise to Alaska. 



The key is you need to be very mindful about all things, including your wealth security, your spending habits, your passion for life, and planning for future. You can't control everything, but by minimizing the risk, you can also minimize the damage cost in the future. Having just "enough amount" to enjoy your personal interests can mean you're set for life.


So, to put it simply, rich in life is one that's filled with experiences that you value. It doesn't really even matter what those experiences are. Whatever it is that makes you happy while you're doing it, do it (wisely)!