Living in the capital city of a country is both exciting and intimidating. The fact that many industries are developing rapidly and new job opportunities every day, it triggers many people to move and live in the capital city. Meanwhile, the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan city might scare the newcomers. Particularly, if you are living in Jakarta and more specifically in the Central Jakarta area.


The major issue of living in Central Jakarta area is probably how bad the traffic is. If you are working in Jakarta’s central business district (CBD), you should consider moving closer to your workplace. In addition to the convenience you can get from living near your office, buying a house or apartment in Central Jakarta area will definitely makes a good investment.


Aside from its hustle and bustle, there are also some advantages of living in Central Jakarta area.


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Complete Entertainment and Tourist Facilities

Most of the city's attractions are located in the Central Jakarta. Living in this area is beneficial for your mind and soul. First, you are safe from stressfully spending your time stuck in the traffic. Second, when in bored, you can reach the entertainment centers to refresh your mind in no time.


Plenty of Qualified Education Facilities

As a parent, the quality of your child’s education is surely a top priority and can’t be compromised. Living in the Central Jakarta also means caring about your children’s future because this area is surrounded with a wide range of modern and over-the-top education facilities from schools and other education institutions. 


Good Place for Business

Jakarta is among the most highly potential cities in Indonesia for doing business. Not only because of its large number of populations, but also the lifestyle of its modern society. There’s always a room to also start small businesses like laundry services, coffee shops or culinary.



Endless Culinary Exploration

It is very convenient to find wide range of culinary, from local delicacies to international cuisines in Central Jakarta area. From street food to fine dining, you will never run out of choices on what to eat each day. Happy tummy, happy mind.


Leading Health Facilities

Numerous health facilities such as health centers, clinics, and hospitals are established in this area. Most of them are accoutered with sophisticated equipment and facilities that might not be available in smaller cities. To support your daily lives, there are specialty health facilities such as beauty and aesthetic clinics, dental clinics, eye specialized clinics, and sport facilities that would suits your lifestyle.



Good Public Transportation

If the public transportation system in your city provides a lot of coverage, you don’t really need to own a car – in which saves you tons of money every year. It also means you get to wake up later and enjoy your morning routines with no rush. Central Jakarta, as the core of business and government activities, has made its public transportation available within reach and walking distance in the area. The future MRT and LRT, which are soon to be established, will give an additional public transportation options and also help to improve the accessibility throughout the city.


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